Found at www.

Found at www.

As I was browsing my daily fashion and media related blogs I found this quote on (she is so BEYOND btw.) that spoke to exactly the feelings I was having about post- grad life. It said “Feel free to wander, veering off course can lead you to a new path.” It was like someone was looking into my life and had put that there just for me.

I say that because as senior year winds down, I just bought my cap and gown a couple days ago and almost lost it, my Facebook, Twitter and social media sites are filled with people’s grad school acceptance letters and Instagram posts of their invites to this school and that school. And don’t get me wrong I’m happy for everyone, but when I see that stuff I question whether or not I was right in not applying and wanting to dive straight into working. At times it can be overwhelming, not because I don’t think I’ll get a job but because of the level of certainty that comes with grad school. You know where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing and how long you’ll be there- and when job hunting you know absolutely none of that.

On top of the uncertainty, is that repeated question from friends and family “What are you doing after graduation?” that literally makes me so annoyed every time I hear it. At this point I have a memorized spiel that I say with a forced half-smile and change the subject. BUT I’m trying to see the good in that question and take it as people wondering about my future in a caring way not necessarily a nosy or pestering way- but it’s definitely a work in progress.

That quote let me know that I can choose a different path and be just as successful and that what are you doing if you don’t take risks? What fun is that? That being said I just landed an interview with a really huge marketing company for a position that I would loveeee to get. Balancing job hunting with homework and extracurriculars and social life has definitely been a chore, but it’s paying off and I’ve been getting some really great opportunities. So for today, following my own path, whether it’s off course or not, is working for me and I’ll just continue one day, one  application and one interview at a time.

On my own path,



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