Staying on task and motivated has proven to be a tough feat during these last few weeks of senior year (5 weeks left ahhhh) and I can’t help but wonder why! I feel like theoretically I should be more motivated because I can literally see and almost touch the finish line- but this is so not the case.

On a day to day basis I’m one of those people who absolutely has to write everything down like appointments, class changes, assignments, meeting, deadlines, shopping lists. I mean everything. I have a To-Do list book that I carry with me everyday; it’s just a black, leather journal with lined pages. I make a list with the date each day of all the things I need to accomplish and most days there’s overflow of things from the previous day. I also write my career-based notes in here of maybe companies I come across online or job openings I see!

With all these lists you probably think I’m super on top of it and always on task, which has been the case until recently, but this horrible thing called senioritis is seriously derailing me. Some days I’m halfway through the day and open my book to find an empty page- this is the point where I’m digging through my bag for my fave pen before I forget all the important things in my head.

With all this stuff going on like interviews looming graduationĀ plans and social end of the year events it can be super overwhelming, so staying on task is more important than ever. Looking at the long list of things I need to do in my To-Do list book can also be overwhelming, but nowhere near as bad as trying to remember everything.

I’m devoting these next couple weeks to productivity, organization, and staying on task, so I’ll be checking stuff off my to-do list one task at a time!




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