FAB or FAIL? KimYe Covers VOGUE

From Vogue.com

From Vogue.com

So anyone who knows anything remotely about fashion or magazines knows that snagging the cover of the proclaimed fashion bible- VOGUE. It’s no small task and is usually reserved for the ‘fashion elite’, stylistically gifted, amazing models, talented singers/actresses, or occasionally socially important people like the First Lady of the US. Who Anna Wintour, an amazing fashion icon and EIC of VOGUE, allows on the cover has always been portrayed as highly selective, super high fashion, and basically a huge deal. Until now.  As I’m sure you’ve heard the next issue of VOGUE is covered by none other than Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter North.

Social media basically lost it when the news of Kim getting the cover and the pictures came out. Most people were on one of two sides- they were either a part of the Kardashian fans who were dying for it since it’s been a long running discussion, mostly fueled by Ye, that Kim deserves the cover of VOGUE. The other majority of people- to be frank- hated it/thought it was ridiculous. But even those who hated it, had to admit that the pictures looked amazing. I am one of those.

Though they looked great, the lighting was amazing, the dress was to die for and North was beyond I just don’t think they are VOGUE appropriate. It’s kind of snobbish to say but the cover of VOGUE has to be earned! When models like Naomi Campbell (who btw had a fabulous reaction when asked about the cover) Kate Upton, Michelle Obama, and award winning actresses have graced the cover, I just don’t think Kim fits the bill.

Thinking about the PR aspect of this though, this is obviously super successful! The cover has been talked about everywhere and the buzz surrounding it is unmatched by any other recent VOGUE cover. There is also a predicted boost in sales for this issue since there are millions of Kardashian stans and fans. It’s also obviously great for Kim and Kanye not only does it make them even more talked about, it generates buzz for their impending wedding which I’m sure E! has their hands on and will be amazing. What more in the context of PR could you ask for!?

But there is a tad bit of a downside. There are some people on social media were  even threatening to cancel their subscriptions, so maybe in the long run it’s not such a smart move! What’s going on in Anna Wintour’s head is my question?



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