DEFINED: Blazers

DEFINED is gonna be a series of posts that feature one key fashion or beauty item and kinda explain the do’s and dont’s, how to wear/use it and show you guys some of my favorites! This post is about BLAZERS! The blazer is my absolute go to item for events, going out, work, dressing up jeans- basically any excuse toScreen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.34.14 AM wear a blazer I do! But there’s definitely a learning curve on what blazers work best for you!

My staple go to blazer is a fitted cropped no collar black blazer that I bought from H&M about a year ago. It was actually on sale and I snagged for a pretty good price!  Sidenote: I love H&M’s like work/career section they always have staple items with really great but different prints. Anyway this blazer is great for pairing over a fitted dress, with a flowy top and skinny jeans, with a casual top and boyfriend jeans or on a dress down Friday for work!I wouldn’t wear this one to an interview though because it’s very fitted and I’d want something a tad looser and maybe with a collar-depending on the place I’m interviewing. It has a hook to close in the front but I rarely ever wear it closed. This is the exact blazer!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.47.42 AM

The next one I love is my blush colored blazer also from H&M, coincidence? I love this blazer because even though 80% of the time I’m in black, sometimes I like to add a little color to an all black outfit. It’s more of a tuxedo style blazer, with a black lapelle and blush colored body and sleeves. I’ve worn this to fashion shows with an LBD, to go out to parties, to dinners and other events. I haven’t worn this one to work just because I haven’t found a way to work it in yet. Since it’s such a nice color it really works for anytime during spring and during summer nights- the material might be just a little to eavy for during the day in summer since it is lightly lined. I couldn’t find an exact picture of it, but it’s just like this one without the gray cuffs!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.55.32 AM

The last one I want to mention is another H&M find! It’s a thick white, collarless blazer with silver accents on the shoulder and sleeves. It’s such good quality and the sliver details really make it different. I wore mine with a fancy silver top for a NYE date and everybody loved it, It;s just long enough for me and it has functioning pockets! IDK why some blazers have faux pockets? I need those! In the picture she’s wearing it in what looks like warm weather, but it;s quite thick and heavily lined so it’ll be it a winter blazer for me.

What’s your favorite blazer? Where’s it from? I obvi need to branch out!




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