Mondays are always tough. It’s like an unspoken thing both in college and in the workplace that you need a minute to get yourself together after the weekend, so Mondays can kinda get sacrificed. Sometimes though I know I personally can’t afford to not be on my A-game on Monday! I know if I start my week off on the wrong foot it’ll be tough to get back on track. I’ve been really working on going to all my classes and finishing every item on my to-do list on those post-weekend days regardless of how over it I feel.

The first thing that helps me is waking up on time! Being rested and up on time starts the day off for me nicely. I have time to make coffee, watch the news, take my time on my makeup/outfit and make sure I don’t forget anything. Doing this also helps make sure I have enough time to eat breakfast and have enough time to get everything done. No “there’s not enough hours in the day” excuses!

Before Monday though, I try to do some of my work for Monday on Saturday during the day. Sunday is a relax/football day for me, so getting some stuff done on Saturday so I’m not scrambling Monday morning really helps.  Starting off the week playing catch-up is never fun

Having a positive attitude and staying away from a case of “The Mondays” is super important for me too! It’s something I’m working on, but once my attitude is on it’s way down the hill it’s tough to stop it and usually results in me wanting to take a nap or me getting absolutely nothing done. So staying positive and busy throughout the day is super important.

The last thing I try to do (keyword try- I do it about 80% of the time because let’s be honest it takes some work to get the hang of Mondays) is have a great outfit. Most of my outfits are chic, but having that extra touch that takes it there makes all the difference. Starting the week off on a fashion high sets the tone for the rest of my week!

Any tips you have for making the most of Mondays?





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