Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 3.13.06 PMIf you’re unfamiliar the language of fashion designers can look like some sort of secret code! But thanks to this new app SPEAK CHIC you won’t ever have to experience that embarassing moment of pronouncing a designers name wrong again! This app can be a savior to PR girls- as if we’re unaware of how to pronounce a clients name- when coming across a brand new client or new international designer.

The app uses a dictionary type format and you can search through hundreds of names of menswear, womenswear and accessories designers! Once you find the designer you’re looking for an audio clip will say the name to you correctly and voila. If you want more of a crash course (just to reassure you’re saying it right) there’s an Essential Fashion List with the most popular designers.

This is great for practically anyone working in fashion, whether it’s the business side or the creative side! When I interned at a PR Agency the other interns and I would laugh as we looked at some names with absolutely no idea how to say them and would avoid saying them at all costs. It’s sorta like when you come across someone and you don’t know their name, you prompt them to say it first- We’ve all been there. Now Speak Chic is here to help us speak the language of fashion!

1.99 at the iTunes Store



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