Fashion is something that’s definitely near to my heart and so I make it a priority to incorporate it in most parts of my life. But being honest there aren’t as many women (whether it’s models, designers or women in campaigns) that look like me. This is something that I think everyone in fashion knows and realizes, but it’s kinda something that is accepted and not as visible, because that’s just how it is. On the runway, we have our iconic fashion models like Naomi, Tyra and Iman who everyone has to admit are just amazing at what they do/did and there are a new batch of top notch African American models on the scene.

In addressing this problem, Naomi and Iman have started a sort of diversity initiative reaching out to fashion houses who routinely have little to no diversity in their shows or campaigns and explaining to them the implications. They’ve received tons of press surrounding this, and for a while around NYFW were on almost every news show. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this initiative, but there has been a huge increase in visible diversity of African American models this season in both runway and ad campaigns. (Prada released it’s first campaign featuring a black model in 20 years- she’s beyond.)

The two that stuck out to me the most though were actually new beauty campaigns! Jourdan Dunn- who has starred in DKNY, YSL and and Burberry Beauty campaigns,  is the new face for Maybelline and the fabulous Kerry Washington, or Olivia Pope as I like to refer to her- for some reason I combine her with her character in Scandal- is the new creative consultant and brand ambassador for Neutrogena. I’m loving this because often there are a limited amount of shades for darker skin tones in drug store makeup, and I’m hoping these two symbolize a shift in that! And maybe this, on the heels of the initiative by Naomi and Iman, can spark even more of a change in the fashion industry too.

kerry-washington-neutrogena-brand-ambassador-creative-consultant jourdan-dunn-maybelline-w540



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