As I’ve been interviewing literally two or three times a month for the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that there are a few go to pieces that I not only feel confident in, but that come across both stylish and professional! Because interviewing is stressful and making a good first impression can be a big deciding factor, interview style can be really important. I wanted this DEFINED piece to highlight a few of my staple interview pieces and explain how I wear them!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.01.43 PMA great structured bag is a great addition to any professionally stylish outfit! I always opt for black because… why not? I also make sure my bag is big enough to fit my portfolio that I carry my resumes in

A gray trouser can lighten the outfit just a tad. I love a straight leg with a tad bit of flare at the end because it makes for a great line and lengthens the leg, especially with heels! (I’m only 5’3)

Obvi I’m obsessed with blazers (see my last DEFINED post) and it’s very rare I go into an interview without one! It makes you look put together and chic without trying too hard

When I want to go a little bit out of the box and or go for that wow moment a printed blazer- with all black everything else- is always my go to. It can brighten up any outfit especially in spring/summer! Be careful with this though, I only wear these if the place I’m interviewing is quite open or creative based- if you’re interviewing for like an investment banking place this is not the most appropriate choice!

If you want step a little less out of the box but still show some personal style a nice printed blouse can still do the trick. Under a blazer, with a trouser like the ones mentioned above or tucked in with a pencil skirt can be a cool but current interview  look!

The piece I reach most for, that goes amazing with any blazer or sweater, is a black shift dress! This is a no brainer in my book and if I’m struggling with what to wear it always comes through. It’s professional while sleek and is a great piece to build an outfit around.

Lastly, accessories! These can make or break an outfit. With an understated, all black outfit statement necklaces like these can be the star of your outfit! Don’t be too flashy though, it’s an interview not a date!

I just started a Pinterest board with some Work/Interview Outfits! Check it out here.

Wear some of these pieces in your next interview, and let your confidence & style help you make a great first impression!





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