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Whenever someone asks about my weaknesses or something I’m personally working on the first thing that comes to mind is patience. Hands down. And by patience I mean waiting for something contently without getting annoyed or frustrated. I can wait for things, and sometimes in life you just have to but for me it’s all about the way I wait for things.

I think my deep-rooted annoyance with waiting stems from the idea of all the things I could be getting done during that time and the fact that time is something that can’t be replaced- no, I’m not going the “time is money” route. By that I mean, if you lose 5 dollars you can get another, if you lose a lipstick you can get another, but if you lose a day or even a couple hours it can’t be replaced. That’s a tough thing to come to terms with especially when making the adjustment from college to the infamous “real world” I felt like during my last couple weeks of college, time was so valuable to me and I wanted to spend it doing what I wanted with the people I wanted.

Moving back to patience though, as I’ve talked about in previous posts I did just graduate from the University of Michigan (Ahhhh!) and I was looking for a job for afterward and figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with my life. I was going through several interview processes at the same time and they all seemed never ending. Phone calls, skype interviews, in person interviews, writing tests, e-mails, follow-ups and just everything you can think of, only at the speed of molasses. Literally. I was getting more and more impatient every time someone asked what I was doing after graduation because I was just waiting. Waiting for a yes or a no or a something.

Playing the waiting game especially with something as serious as a job can be really tough! I had three maj strategies for waiting for that decision:

Keep busy. Don’t sit by the phone.: I found that if I was checking my phone every twenty minutes time felt like it was moving so slow- which only made me more impatient. So instead I didn’t think about it and made myself busy! Spending time with friends, packing, finishing up graduation stuff, and just immersing myself in other activities really helped

Start planning for Plan B: I knew that there was always a chance that I wouldn’t get offered a job at my first choice company so I made sure I had some other things in the works. I didn’t stop applying for jobs or emailing with my contacts, because- what’s the saying?- don’t put all your eggs in one basket, yeah. I didn’t want to be back at the starting point if I wasn’t chosen for the position.

Follow-Up. Not for them, For you.: About a week and a half after my final interview, I was getting really impatient and thought they had forgotten about me or that I wasn’t chosen because I hadn’t hear anything back. So I sent the HR director who had recruited and interviewed me a thank you note/follow up card through Paperless Post. (that’s a great site for after interview, virtual thank you cards) This gave me a little comfort knowing that it would remind them of me,  let them know I was thankful for them taking the time to interview me, and that I was still waiting and interested. This held off my impatience for about 4 days ha!

Doing those three things really helped me tame my impatience and stay productive at the same time! What do you do while you’re playing the waiting game?

PS I got the job! Ahhhh!



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