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I’m always in favor of a story about a fab independent woman, paving her own way and becoming successful and Sophia Amoruso’s new book Girl Boss seems right up my alley! She is the founder and CEO of the edgy, rebellious natured e-commerce brand Nasty Gal– a site I frequent for cute summer styles.

Although I haven’t bought it yet, I’m deeming it FAB based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the amazing cover, and after seeing Amoruso in a couple day time tv interviews. I get the vibe that she tells her story but in an advice-giving, you can do it too kinda way. Two of the major points she’s mentioned in the interviews I saw were that she was basically hitchhiking selling vintage clothes on e-bay before Nasty Gal came to be which is beyond admirable and that what college you went to or if you even went at all doesn’t definitively determine your potential success.

My order is on the way but you can check out the book’s website here! And a few of her cool interviews here!



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