Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.06.37 AMAs someone who loves to mix the quality and price points of stuff in my closet I am an avid Target shopper, especially for casual pieces or additions to my new and growing office clothing collection. Lately they have been killing the collab business with Peter Pilotto a few months ago, and now a NEW collab that I am super excited about seeing. Altuzarra for Target! Ah!

The collab collection is scheduled to be released Fall 2014 both online and in stores. I was unfamiliar with Altuzarra until like last summer when I did a designer crash course before I left for my internship, so for those of you who were like me Altuzarra is a high- end luxury designer that’s very feminine, very refined and has a veryyyy specific aesthetic- one of those you either love it or you’re like ehhh not my style. It’s fairly new coming out with it’s first collection in 2008, but what makes it stand out to me is it’s use of lines and patterns in their dresses and coats. Their collar and lapel lines are always amazing.

But I digress. The collab includes apparel, accessories clothing and shoes “for the modern, sophisticated woman” and is aimed at “embodying the combination of French sophistication and American ease.” (From the Target website) There will be 50 pieces from 17.99 to 89.99 for clothes and 29.9-79.99 for shoes and accessories. I honestly will look at the accessories first, hoping for some amazing bracelets or bag- fingers crossed.

I think this will do so well in stores! Altuzarra is one of those brands that you may never get a chance to wear without spending thousands of dollars and this collab makes it so affordable. I’m also excited to see what tones they’ll use, as their fall stuff is routinely on a darker color pallet. Check out some more info about the collab here or search it on twitter #AltuzarraForTarget.



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