So recently I’ve been feeling kind of anxious because I start my new job next week and am having some pretty major life changes after graduating college. And usually there are a couple people who are subject to my venting and bouts of nervousness (usually my boyfriend, best friend or mom) While it’s great to have them and be comfortable enough to freely tell them how I feel without them judging me or anything, I’m realizing sometimes I can get too caught up in my own life. Something this past week made me think about that whole venting and listener dynamic.

Venting- written more than verbal- is necessary for me just to get my thoughts and feelings out of the confines of my head. It also helps to get an outside opinion on certain issues because sometimes, it’s as simple as me just being ridiculous or overthinking things. But I rarely really stopped to think about some of the stresses and just life stuff that the people I’m venting to, have going on in their lives!

This came to mind this week when I was telling someone about a big stresser, well actually a potential stresser and they replied by kinda saying to me it was going to be fine and jokingly added that they’d just add it to the list of things they were already stressed about. I laughed but it made me think, so I asked specifically what things and was so surprised by the long list of things they said! I didn’t really have any idea about the things going on in their life and it was kinda shocking.

So moving forward, I’m making a point not to get so caught up in my life and my venting that I forget to ask those close to me about what’s going on with them. It’s not something I do on purpose, but making an effort to be more conscious of it and take the role of the listener instead of the venter will help strengthen those relationships even more. Working on taking a second from my own life, and simply being a better listener.



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