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I’ m all for a great pair of fashionable and functional glasses and it seems Google is taking a step in that direction! Earlier today it was announced that DVF and Net-A-Porter are partnering with Google Glass to make their high-tech glasses both more attainable and fashionable. I have to say I wasn’t such a fan of the glasses when they first came out because one the frames weren’t the most stylish, and the people wearing the $1,700 devices just looked very tech-y and not necessarily in a good way. But I have to say as a huge fan of DVF this might just change my mind.

The fashionable partnership comes from an attempt to reach the more luxury consumer market and tap into women who wouldn’t usually be a Google Glass customer. I remember when Dianne was on the front page of every fashion site after she wore a pair of the glasses during her Fashion Week show. The line is called DVF for Glass and includes four different types of frames and two sunglasses! Not sure how it will work with sunglasses since the lenses are darker – actually I”m not sure if that even makes a difference, but anyway. According to WWD the collection will be available June 23 and Net-A-Porter will sell a bundle deal including: the glass, the DVF frame, one sunglass frame, a mono earbud and a case all for $1,700.

If the frames are all as cool as the ones in the picture above I might be a new Google Glass fan. Can you imagine how easy it’d be for reporters on the red carpet filming and taking pictures of stars or during fashion week? Kinda cool.  I’ll be on the lookout for more pictures of the frames and link them here!



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