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Okay. I’ve been waiting to write this post not because I was procrastinating, but because I thought I’d change my mind. Well jury is in, and I haven’t. This whole “ugly shoe” trend started by the comeback of Birkenstocks that is taking over the fashion industry is just hard for me to get on board with. Like I just am not a fan- even though I’ve looked up countless designs and types of ugly shoes to see if one special one would change my mind, it’s just not happening.

If you haven’t been super into fashion the past two or three months there’s this new wave of ugly shoes- meaning thick strapped, thick soled shoes some with platform and some not (think Birkenstocks times 10)- that has everyone trading in their cute sandals. It kinda started with Miranda Kerr wearing some Birkenstocks in a photoshoot for VOGUE UK and you know what happens to photos of her on the internet. It was everywhere. Suddenly, this shoe that I wore with my Catholic school uniform in middle school was like the “it shoe” of the summer. After that a bunch of designers did their take on the shoe some with tall chunky heels others flat with buckles and straps. Thus the ugly shoe trend.

This Fab or Fail post, is specifically about Birkenstocks though. I’m all for a pair of easy slip on shoes, that may not be so cute to wear to run errands or just throw on in summer. Trust me I am.  But if we’re sacrificing style, they at least have to be COMFORTABLE! When you buy Birkenstocks they are some of the most uncomfortable shoes ever and they take a super long time to break in. I saw a post the other day all about a guide on how to break in your Birkenstocks. I mean really.

I have to give this one a fail. Not the whole ugly shoe trend, though, because I’ve heard some of those are really really comfortable and light to wear. And I’ve seen some people on Pinterest look great when they’re styled well. Just Birkenstocks. If you guys can convince me of otherwise or know of any cute pairs of Birkenstock-like shoes leave it in the comments below! I’m always open to fashion suggestions. (I know I”m in the minority here because everyone loves them)

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