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Hi guys! I know I said expect a post Sunday, but I was inspired by an outfit I wore the other day and couldn’t wait to write about it. So a challenge for me at my new job has been what to wear-shocking right? I say that not because I don’t know but because the social dress code, meaning what everyone else wears, changes day to day. Some people wear like button ups and ties, others wear jeans and a blouse, some wear flats others heels etc. etc. It seems the overall consensus is casual unless you have a client meeting or something. In trying to stay away from to dressy and too casual the white button down shirt has been one of my faves!

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I’ve styled it down with dark jeans or boyfriend jeans and up with a dark printed pants and wedges. I have a few of them that I got at H&M, Macy’s and Target , some long sleeved and one 3/4 length sleeve and each with different details, so that I can wear the look more than once but still kinda change it up. Every time I’ve worn a look like that I get a compliment on my outfit and who doesn’t love those. The style is super crisp and can be paired with so many different accessories- my favorites so far are a statement necklace or bangles! The next look I’m plotting is the shirt with a maybe royal blue or navy skirt- here’s an example. I haven’t decided if I like it better with a skater type skirt or a straight pencil type skirt yet but I’m working on it.

After wearing them to work, I was looking for ways to wear them on the weekends, so I turned to Pinterest, The like vault of fashion/styling ideas. I haven’t tried it out yet but I’ve seen it styled with cutoff shorts and like a badass pair of sunglasses or as a topper over a tank top with a pair of boyfriend jeans. I’m still looking for suggestions, so if you guys have them leave them down below! I also love when you guys tweet me so either follow me @ItsReallyKc or leave your Twitter so I can follow you!




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