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A few days ago I went to TJ Maxx to find a few pairs of pants for work, I was specifically looking for white and a bright blue or teal color just to add a little something to my wardrobe. Anyway when I was there, I saw literally 30 different pairs of these pajama trousers from so many different brands. And I know TJ Maxx and stores like that are usually a few months behind because it takes a while for trends to trickle down so I thought eh I missed that trend, I’m not really into it. But I saw this really cute pair of black and white printed ones (shocked those were my fave? Ha) and tried them on with my other stuff. They were some of the most comfortable pants I have tried on in a while!! I didn’t buy them though, because I was on the fence with the whole trend and wanted to do some fashion research.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.55.26 AMI looked online and to my surprise they kinda fit into the whole printed pants trend thats everywhere right now! And don’t even look on Pinterest because you’ll be there all day. So many amaze ways to wear them. I love this trend because you can def dress them up or down and I’m always on the hunt to make office-wear more me and more chic! My first idea was to wear them on like casual Friday with a black tank and a jean jacket for a put together casual look, but then I thought of wearing them with a white top and loose fitting black blazer like in the picture.  We’ll see because I always add something at the end. I’m gonna go back and snag a pair this weekend, because I’ve been obsessed ever since I got home from TJ Maxx. What do you guys think of this trend? Pajamas to work? I love. You guys know I’m all about easy chic and this is exactly that.

Sidenote: I made a new Twitter for the blog specifically! @ChicAndDefined,  follow me there so I can follow you back or my personal one if you like @ItsReallyKc.  I was gonna do a fourth of July post but opened my feed to see 100 of them and figured another wasn’t realllly needed haha! Have a fun holiday weekend guys!


**Photos courtesy of and Pinterest** 


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