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You ever have that moment where you realize something about yourself that you’re not necessarily fond of but don’t know how to change? And I don’t mean physically like hair color or weight, but like something inside. Well this past week has been that ongoing moment for me. I’ve realized that I get in a bad mood and regardless of what good things happen after that, I’m in like a funk for the rest of the day. If I’m at home this is fine, but since I work full time it’s an issue that I’d like to work on ASAP.

It can be little things like getting into an argument with my boyfriend, or letting someone borrow something and then when I need it not being able to find it or big things like not getting great results on a project at work. Whatever it is, I just get stuck in a bit of a rut. So as of now, I’m actively working on doing a few things to keep the good vibes going so little things won’t ruin my mood. Because who has time to be in a bad mood over little things? Um not me.

Going Outside: This one has been helping me tons! I love the sun- being in it, seeing it, feeling it everything. So if I get frustrated or am in a less than pleasant mood going outside in the sun and just taking a breather has been helping me majorly. And it lets me take a break from my computer screen

Funny Content/Videos: One of my favorite podcasts The Read is something I can always rely on to make me laugh. The hosts are hilarious,they love Beyonce, & they talk about pop culture- so it’s obvi a show for me. And I can listen to the hour long show either at my desk with headphones or on my lunch break, so it’s perfect. (FYI It has a lotta swearing. I love it.) Changing my outlook to a funny one brings my good vibes back ASAP

Magazines/Fashion Insta: Looking in magazines and on Insta immediately inspires me to blog, inspires future outfits and centers my brain on style! (Aliza Licht/DKNY PR Girl and Eva Chen are a few of my faves!) Obvi I love style so much, so this automatically brightens my mood. It gets even better if this is accompanied by and Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

Blogging: Last but not least, doing anything on my blog takes my mind off whatever is keeping me in a funk and basically blasts me with good vibes. Whether it’s answering emails from you guys, writing posts, making new promo stuff- Im obsessed with it all. Reading blogs helps too! Vanilla Extract and NYCprgirls  are two of my faves.

Good vibes

So my goal for the next few weeks is to hold my good vibes hostage, and not let the little things get me in a sucky mood. I’m sure it’ll help me be much more productive and positive!

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