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I’ve been super in love with the pairing of lace/crochet and denim the past few weeks and even though I’m really not into the boho look so much, these two are becoming my fave. And it doesn’t really matter where each fabric is, like I’ve seen lacy tops with jeans and chambray tops with cute little crochet shorts. Either way is my fave. It gives off such an easy, feminine, but still stylish vibe which is basically what this blog is all about. Not to mention it’s a great mix of like dainty and tough on those days where you can’t decide which one you wanna do- because come on, we all have those days.

I’ve seen it worn a few ways, but my favorites have been a like two piece lace sets (crop top and skirts) paired with a jean jacket or little lace mini- dresses with jean jackets or strappy lace tops with a more date night feel. I’ve been scouring pinterest the last few days and have been obsessed with what I found! Sidenote- pinterest is slowly becoming my second fave social media site. It’s like a fashion treasure chest!Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.36.59 PM

I saw an influx of the trend around Coachella and festival time because it’s so easy and boho-chic! I love that, but I also am into looks that can go day-to-night. This look could be great styled with a sexy lace top and some loose fitting boyfriend jeans and nude heels. Duh the picture above!  I recently wore a version of this to work with a lace top dark skinny jeans, a jersey sweater, and some dressy nude flats and got a bunch of compliments! What do you guys think of this trend? Fashion pair of the summer? I think so!




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