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Happy Friday guys! I always want to let you guys know about any fab products I receive to add to my closet/collection so you guys can check them out too. I was sent a necklace from a cool company this past week and have been wearing it with everything! First let me say, whenever I see cool new brands on twitter/instagram follow me, I make it a point to tell them I like their product. Of course, only if I do. Mainly because, I love when I follow someone and they check out my blog or tell me their opinion, so I return the favor!

A few weeks ago a cool brand La Cle´Jewelry followed me on Twitter, and I was intrigued by the name so I headed over to Instagram to check them out! After realizing their jewelry was bomb, they make necklaces with different shapes and colors of keys on them and each color has a different meaning, I followed them back.Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.52.59 AM

What I thought was so fab was not only the vintage-y feel of the necklaces, and to me everyone can’t do vintage or rustic because it just ends up looking old- but I digress, but the message behind the company/pieces. The goal of the keys is to promote a positive and uplifting vibe while helping people feel confident and empowered. You guys know I’ve been on this staying positive and keeping good vibes change lately, so this fit with me so well!

I received the white key which stands for, “Original & Authentic”. I chose white so I could wear it with everything, but the gold one caught my eye too! They sell 11 colors in total, and a lot of the meanings are super interesting, like Yellow is “Brilliant and Fortunate” and Green is “Independent/Free”. It really makes you think about the different feelings colors give off and that kinda thing- especially me, because you guys know I’m faithful to my black and white ha.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.51.51 AMAnyway, I love my necklace and you guys should totally check them out if you’re looking for a simple statement or everyday necklace. The prices are affordable and I love that they have a “Kiss Me” collection, where you can get two necklaces and send one to your fave. Their website is and their Twitter/Instagram is @LaCleJewelry so go check them out!

Have a great weekend guys!





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