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So since I am working now 9-5 and have moved back home for the time being, it can be hard for me to find the quiet moments in life. Even if it’s not physically loud, I have a thousand things swirling around in my head making it just as loud. Lately I’ve been trying to take advantage of those times during the day where I don’t have to say anything, no one is calling asking me anything and there aren’t ten things going on that I need to attend to, as a time to clear my head and organize my thoughts. Those times have surprisingly been early in the morning when I wake up, my drive home from work and then right before bed when I have time to myself.  Here’s what has been helping me:

Don’t Talk: Literally. When I wake up in the morning usually around 6:15am I don’t speak until like 7-7:15 unless I absolutely have to. This gives me time to clear my thoughts, figure out my intentions for the day and enjoy all the things that come with the morning- the sun, coffee, the news, picking out the finishing touches to my outfit etc.

Choose My Thoughts and My Attitude: As you guys know from other posts, I can be a stresser. Even with things that haven’t happened yet. So using these quiet moments to choose what I stress about and to try stay present in the moment, helps me to choose my attitude for the rest of the day. When my thoughts are in a good place, I’m noticing my attitude is way better and 10x more positive.

Let Things Go: Ever had those thoughts before you go to bed- about what you should’ve done or should’ve said? That’s me. Right before bed. And though sometimes I embrace that, other times I need to just enjoy that quiet time and let those things go. In saying bye to those ‘would haves’ it leaves a bunch of room for more enjoyable and pleasant stuff! And that pleasant stuff usually comes in the form of cool ideas for the blog! 😉

When you find those quiet moments in your day what do you do with them?! Let me know! When I am being active, Twitter is a huge part of my day so tweet or follow me at @ItsReallyKC!




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