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This past week in the StyleCaster.com #StyleChat– if you guys don’t do Style Chat on Twitter you’re missing out!- one of the questions was about denim on denim looks and how to style them! You guys know, it takes me a while to figure out if I really like something, and I realized I hadn’t done a post on this. So I went to my fave fashion consultant, Pinterest, to see what was out there about the denim on denim look and some stuff I loved, and other stuff I was just not a fan of. The thing with looking on Pinterest though, is some stuff looks great, but making sure that YOU can pull it off and that it’s wearable is another story.

With that said (plus all my rambling), this look can be so Fab. I know that chambrays had their moment a while back and the distressed jeans are having their shine this summer so to me those two are the perfect denim collab. But there are some traps that can very quickly make it a fail:

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.29.39 AMFirst, and most important, never wear the same wash on top and bottom! It looks very denim tuxedo-ish circa 90’s and that’s never a good look.

Second, don’t be afraid to layer- some of the cutest stylings of this trend have the chambray top layered with a cool jacket or blazer!

Last, don’t forget the accessories denim on denim can be a tad overwhelming so add an amazing heel or make great bag to give is some edge or femininity or whatever accent your going for.

This look is definitely Fab to me and can give our favorite pair of jeans a fresh new look. I see it for like a great Saturday afternoon/evening outfit! Let me know what you guys think about the trend down below. And to see my favorite denim on denim looks check out my Pinterest!


**Photos courtesy of Pinterest**


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