Ever had that feeling where you’re both excited and nervous, but you don’t know why? Well yeah, that’s me as I write this post! So as you guys can see I kinda fell off the blogging grid in August and am just now getting back into it. I honestly just got so caught up in what was going on day to day and my still kinda new 9-5 job, that my blogging motivation fell way off. But, I’m back! I missed blogging way more than I thought I would- I’d see like a great article and think I could write an amazing blog post about this! I even had thoughts of even starting again during Fashion Week, but I didn’t wanna take that on without my undivided attention- so I committed a fashion blogging sin, and skipped it. But I obvi streamed every show I could at work, and saw the photos of the ones I didn’t!

Anyway, I’m excited to get back into writing and trends and fashion and chic and everything my blog is so stay tuned! (Monday Finspo post coming in a few!)


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