Luck or fate that takes the form of (1)I have an another post about how florals are a tried and true spring/summer favorite and honestly, I had them in that one box with no desire to move them. But I was definitely wrong and not afraid to admit it! Dark florals for fall is such an inventive way to take make the trend cross- seasonal (not sure if that’s a thing, but I did it) I noticed it a bit during fashion week and then all over Instagram and then finally in our H&Ms and Targets etc. I’m literally so into it! There’s something about it that says I’m feminine with a bit of drama and edge, and obvi on trend. Keeping the print in the jewel tone color family makes even more of a perfect fall trend (Try to stay away from pastel florals because those scream summer)  Dark florals can be worn top and on bottom with ease, which is great because some prints cUntitled designan’t do that.

In terms of different pairings, flowy dark floral tops with leather leggings, or black pencil skirts or the dark floral sweatshirts (like the one from Altuzarra for Target– amaze.) with a dark skinny and some black boots, are all great options. Can you see my vision? Haha. I’m not sure if I could pull off the floral pants, but I love them on the runway. It’s great that dark florals can be worn on top and bottom.

 Anyway, you guys know that one of the main things I look for in fashion is ease of wear and whether or not pieces can transition from day to night- and this trend does both! You can make even a t-shirt and jeans super chic with a floral blazer, and of course throwing some heels on takes it from relaxed style to chic night out. I’m also loving the print in scarves and iPhone cases like this too!

How are you guys wearing dark florals for fall? Let me know what you think below! For some of my inspiration check out my Pinterest for tons of window shopping worthy pins!


Images from: Here and Here


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