Luck or fate that takes the form of (4)

When I was growing up one of the things I hated most was being disappointed or not being able to do something I had planned to and had my heart set on. I remember it so specifically because, I’m still kind a that way now and I actively try to work on it! Life is full of disappointments and no one has time to be in a slump. Too much potential shopping to do!

Anyway you guys get it-disappointment is not my thing. I do have a scale though, which is much better than I used to be, it goes from like Sephora being sold out my shade in NARS concealer– which is amazing FYI- to something more serious like not getting a great response on a project/idea that I’ve spent weeks on.

Nevertheless, whenever I’m having a moment where I feel that big cloud of disappointment coming or I can feel that maybe my plans aren’t gonna work out, I remember something my mom always used to tell me, (she’s good for making appearances in these types of post ha!) “You can make plans, but you can’t plan the outcome.” When I was younger I would just brush it off as one of those cliche mom sayings, that all moms just say and no one really knows the actual meaning. But now it helps me get a grip and get back on track! Not always, because I’m not perfect and honestly some stuff just sucks, but a lot of the time it does. What kinds of things do you guys do when plans don’t turn out the way you meant for them to? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChicandDefined! 


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