As you guys know from my post last week, I’m going to NYC for a mini vacay and to visit one of my really good friends tomorrow!! I am beyond excited-like beyond. But as I was starting to get my stuff ready and figure out what I’m going to wear,  I was inspired to write this post about how to be airport chic, even when you’re like me and perpetually overdress (Because why not?) and have a small problem with being late. I’m a firm believer in easy-chic, and the airport is the PERFECT place for it!

We’ve all seen those people who dress for one style or the other right? Too Easy or Too Chic. Too chic being those people in stiletto heels, 50 bangles, uncomfortable clothes and too many bags. Too easy being way on the other end of the spectrum. You guys know who I’m talking about. I think combining the two, unless you’re a celeb, gives you the perfect Airport chic look! I wanna you guys my 5 Must-Do Things to easily look fab on the way to your next vacay.

No Super High Heels: This one is a no brainer. I just feel like being  comfortable and being able to walk quickly to your gate is so important. Especially for those of you who are like me and may be a tad late, ha! An easy-chic alternative for this time of year, that I’m actually wearing tomorrow, are ankle booties with a smaller, thicker heel or ballet flats! Like these or these! (So cute.)
Wear Light & Dainty Jewelry: I always have a hard time with this one, because for anyone who knows me they know I love bangles and wear them almost everyday. When going through TSA and stuff though, they can be a hassle. No worries though, because dainty jewelry is so in for fall and there are so many options! Dainty jewelry is light, easy and airport appropriate. If you do wanna make an exception, as I often do, rings are really easy way to add even more personality to your jewelry look.1
Bring A Big Scarf: Like the pic above, big cozy scarves are great for making any look more comfortable and more chic! It makes a look feel much more styled and much more put, so it’s a win, win. On a more practical note, we all know it can be freezing on planes so having a scarf can be a lifesaver.
Carry A Big Purse: So I know the easy way to go for bag options, would be like a crossbody or Backpack but I love having my huge structured purse with me for trips. One because it can fit everything- magazine, snacks, iPad, chargers, boarding pass/tickets, etc.- and I don’t have to dig around in multiple bags for things. Two, it’s so chic- I literally get compliments on my bag everywhere I go. And it’s also easier for TSA put one bag on the conveyor belt and keep going. ya know? (Totally disregard if you have or are traveling with children)
Don’t Wear Sweatpants: I love sweatpants, specifically University of Michigan ones, for home or the gym- NOT the airport. A plain black legging, a more chic version of the black legging with leather panels on the side, or a simple pair of jeans are all easy and chic options that run laps around sweats. Literally.

There are so many different variations of ‘Airport Chic’ so let me know what you guys wear or which celeb has the best airport style to you? The pic above is my ppick Rosie Huntington Whitley (My current style crush!) and she always kills it.


 Image via here and here


15 thoughts on “AIRPORT CHIC

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  4. I’m with you on the scarves, the bigger and softer the better as they double up like blankets to combat those freezing airconditioners! Its been my dream to get bumped up a flight grade or two,so I’d never travel in jogging pants!


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