One thing I love the most about fashion is the trend cycle- everything that’s “out” comes back into style at some point! (With the exception of a few horrible trends that no one wants to see come back) That being said I remember a few years ago when ponchos and capes were the furthest thing from in and now we’re seeing them in literally every magazine and street style blog. During #stylechat a couple weeks ago, the trend was mentioned and there was a comment about capes just being ponchos with arm holes and not being that great. At first I agreed, because I felt so blah about the capes. Not sure why, but it was like a take it or leave it for me. Then after heading over to my fashion friend, Pinterest, and seeing some of the amazing ways it was styled I had a change of heart!CAPE graphic 2

I think I wasn’t a fan at first because I was looking at in a “Mary Poppins goes trendy” sort of way, when it’s actually closer to a “Modern girl chooses chic outerwear” kinda thing. It’s versatile too- since there are so many variations that can either be worn as outerwear or as a top in a layered look! And depending on the type of cape, it can fit into so many styles from boho, to minimalist, and even an edgier look. (Victoria Beckham kills minimalist glam so easily!) In terms of practicality for fall weather- it’s great for those nights where you wanna be both fashionable and warm, because that can be tough to do. And the fur ones can even take you into winter!

I do still think that the cape can be overwhelming if not styled well, and it doesn’t necessarily go with everyones style, but if done right, it can totally elevate a look! What do you guys think? How would you wear the cape trend? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChicandDefined!


Images via here 



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