The other day someone asked me what my go-to piece for looking chic is, and I literally couldn’t pick one! My first thought was a blazer, then I thought a great bag, then I thought amazing heels- you get the pattern ha. Looking effortlessly put together can be such a challenge when you’re a bit indecisive like me and are usually in a hurry, but having those go to pieces that are guaranteed chic make it so much easier! Granted I’m not always chic, because some mornings it’s just not happening, but when I need to be I have a pretty good idea of what to grab from my closet. Here are 9 pieces that, for me, instantly increase your chic and can totally elevate the feel of your closet.


Printed Coat You guys know I’m a big fan of coats and anything black & white printed, so this coat is like all that in one! A chic coat can top off any outfit like an extra accessory! Coats like this might not be the best for a snowstorm, but for a night out or a few errands? Definitely!
Leopard Structured Bag– A structured bag is definitely a must-have in your closet, especially if you work a 9-5 like me. Never underestimate how much a bag can impact your outfit! I literally get compliments on my structured bag wherever I go- and what girl doesn’t love that. It doesn’t have to be leopard but I thought that one was amazing.
Leather Leggings– Black leather pants/leggings are such a great way to be effortlessly chic! For those that are a bit nervous about them the black pants with leather panels on the side have the same effect! They’re much more put together than the regular cotton leggings and don’t look like you’re going to the gym.
Cape Style Sweater– Following my post yesterday, this sweater style cape is super comfortable while keeping you chic and modern! It can be styled so many ways and is such a great alternative to a coat or regular sweater.
White Button Up– This is a staple in any chic woman’s closet. A white button up is the perfect choice for when you make a great impression. It’s easy, it’s crisp and it’s chic! What more could you ask for?!
Distressed jeans– We all know and love these right?! I think these have definitely made a place for themselves next to skinny jeans! They’re great for a night out with an amazing heel or for errands with a chic flat!
Fur Vest– Not sure why but I’m in love with black faux fur vests for fall! They say sleek and stylish without trying too hard and can be styled so many different ways!
Peep Toe Booties– These are my go-to shoes for fall! They give edge to absolutely any look and make your legs look super long! I love these with the light distressed jeans or the leather leggings/pants too.
Burgundy Blazer– Blazers automatically come to mind for me when I think increasing chic. Aside from black blazers, of which I have 4, burgundy is such a classic fall color that looks great on everyone. I just bought a burgundy Elie Tahari blazer and can’t wait to wear it!

These are totally fall inspired as I’m sure you can tell, so let me know which of these pieces you’re loving in the comments. I’m on the hunt for another good structured bag so if you have any suggestions, leave those below or tweet me @ChicandDefined!




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