First off, Happy Halloween guys! So I wanted to do something a bit different than all the other bloggers with the “Fave Costumes”, “DIY Halloween Costumes”, “Couples Halloween Costumes” posts. I love those and look to them for great ideas, but I wanted to do something a bit more me. Anyone who knows me knows make-up and fashion are like my fave things ever- I spend so much money between the two that it’s borderline ridiculous. Anyway, for makeup inspiration I have like 10-15 favorite YouTube Vloggers that I’m subscribed to and love to watch on a daily/weekly/whenever basis. (No judging) During Halloween time they do some of the most fab things with make-up and go all out for their costumes, so I thought it’d be cool to show you guys some of my fave Halloween make-up looks from the vloggers I love! The videos are linked in the pictures so click through if you want! (My ABSOLUTE fave YouTubers The GlamTwinz and Rosita Applebum didn’t do Halloween looks this year, but make sure to check them out too)

Nicole Guerreiro– Queen of Hearts
If you’re not watching her and you love make-up tutorials and hauls, get on it! Whenever I see there’s a bunch of hype about a certain product and I’m not really sure whether it’s legit or not I go to her channel and watch her reviews! She’s definitely fun to watch and shows so many different products from super high end to drugstore. This look is so cool to me! Like doing that with make-up is wayyyy beyond my skillset.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.55.12 PM

Kandee Johnson– Effie Trinket
It’s always entertaining to watch someone who’s always animated and up beat, and does bomb make-up. Kandee can literally make herself look like anyone with make-up and a wig, like anyone. Her channel is great for tutorials and learning how to make different stuff work for you. I love the butterflies and her eyes in this look so much! She always goes the extra mile with this kinda stuff- so good.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.04.11 AM

Rosh Posh– Maleficent
Whenever I’m looking for like a sexy, date night look or a great smokey eye, this is the channel I come to! She always has great looks with colors that fit my skin tone and are so doable. Having worked at a make-up store for a bit, I have a pretty advanced handle on make-up but I’m always looking to learn and she’s easy to follow. This is one of my faves solely based on the cheekbones- beyond. I love Angelina Jolie’s look in that movie so I might be a tad biased.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.01.59 PM

Sonjdra Deluxe– Tiger/Cat
Her looks are always so sultry and warm without using tons and tons of product, which can be super hard to do! If you have any questions about contouring and highlighting or shading her channel is definitely the place to be. When I saw this look, I out of all the ones I looked through, I thought it was one of the best tigers hands down. It doesn’t look  too juvenile and doesn’t seem like she’s trying to hard with the entire face painted!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.56.39 PM

SMLx0– Frozen Mermaid
If I’m in the mood for a great favorites video that doesn’t have the same products over and over Meagan’s channel is great! She also has a bomb lip color collection that I love to hate when I’m watching her videos ha. I thought this one was so different because it takes what would be a traditionally pretty costume and gives it a cool Halloween spin!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.41.54 AM

I hope you guys like these looks, what other time of year can you have this much fun with make-up? Let me know which look is your favorite or if you’re doing any fun make-up looks down in the comments below! I’m doing the Haunted House thing with my boyfriend so wish me luck! I know I’ll be tweeting about it so come follow me there @ChicandDefined.





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