I feel like this post is way over due, because this trend made it’s way into my closet a very long time ago! Vests are huge trend for fall this year and I can’t get enough of them. The faux fur ones, which I’m in love with right now, the cargo ones, leather ones all of them! For me living in the Midwest, vests solve the never-ending problem of wanting to be warm while you’re going somewhere, say the mall or out to eat, but not having to drag around a huge coat with you or being cold once you take it off inside. Vest especially the fur and leather ones keep you warm and fashionable without being too heavy to keep on or carry around. I know my midwest (or any other place with cold weather) readers understand!

They also are super easy to style and can look really chic, without having to try really hard. See my 9 pieces to increase your chic post for styling tips! If you’re like me and love layering, without looking too bulky vests can help with that too- so versatile! I love I know I always mention the fur ones, just because they are literally everything, I finally got a black one, similar to this, and am on the hunt for a brown/beige toned one now, but I wanted to give you guys a few of my favorite variations of vests for fall!


Fur Vest- Obvi  my faves I love an all black look with a great black faux fur vest on top! So easy and chic, plus you’ll be warm!
Cargo Vest- Cargo vests are pieces that work well in fall and summer! They look amazing when layered with a heavier sweater or even over a black and white flannel! Or you could throw on a statement necklace like this
Tweed Vest- For me the tweed J. Crew look, is such a great weekend or college going to class look! It’s so put together and stylish but you literally don’t have to try at all. I love the herringbone pattern to, since we don’t see it too often and it goes so well with other prints!
Puffer Vest- The puffer vest is definitely a must for me, as long as it’s not too puffy! (Think marshmallow- just no.) These are warm, fashionable and practical. The quilted pattern just screams fall to me! I’m not so much into the ones with the fur hood but if you guys know of a fab one link it below!
Leather Vest– These are a tad bit more difficult to style for me since I don’t want to look like a wannabe biker, but I love them with say a black skinny and a striped shirt with a chunky infinity scarf! Kinda like this  And since it’s leather you’ll already have that edge and be pretty warm.
Knit/Cardigan Vest- For me, the knit cardigan vest is great for work (since my work dresscode is really casual and lax) or a weekend day date or brunch. It’s comfortable and for those of you in warmer climates it can be worn as your outerwear! You can totally style it up or down and it comes in so many different styles, from super flowy to fitted to cowl neck-esque so it’ll get tons of use in your closet. Some of them even have a hood for a more sporty, non-work look!

These are options for any type of weather since I know some places aren’t even in fall yet! If you have a favorite vest that I forgot or found a new favorite after reading this let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChicandDefined!



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