SPICING UP YOUR DATE NIGHT STYLEHappy Friday guys! Not sure about you guys, but my week has literally been dragging on and on so seeing the weekend is much needed. One of the reasons I look forward to the weekend is for dates with my boyfriend (let’s call him C), we usually go out 1-2x a week with the weekend date usually turning into an all day affair! We’ve been together for a little less than a year, but when we’re going out-out, (meaning to a restaurant or a new place that we’ve never tried) I still stress about spicing up my style and wearing something he hasn’t seen before. Am I the only one? Ha. I’m sure he would be fine with whatever I wear, but in my head I love wearing something that gets an eyebrow raise ya know? Anyway, aside from my own personal dates I was talking to a friend about what she’s gonna wear on an upcoming date and thought the tips would be great to share with you guys too! I have a few go-to moves that are great:Date Night (1)

COLOR- So if you’re like me, which in some way you probably are since you’re reading this, you love black on black looks. My mantra is “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” As sleek as they are and as much as I love black, when I want to spice up my outfit I add a bold color to my outfit and get a great response from C. I love adding a jewel tone, or some type of red for a pop of color. In fall there are so many seasonal-chic colors to choose from so for once I’m saying embrace the color guys! I’m obsessed with this cobalt blue blazer. If you have to do black, I know it’s hard to stray, add some texture -Leather and lace looks amazing.

SKIRT IT UP–  Another thing I love is great fitting jeans/pants and usually are more comfortable in them for whatever reason. They’re also warmer- if you guys forgot I live in Michigan so yeah. In fall especially it’s rare to see me in a skirt unless I’m going to something super formal, so when I throw on a skirt for date night, think skater skirt, flowy top, tights and booties like this, it’s a sure way to get a great reaction. And for those of you who have great legs, I’m sure you know skirts that are just the right length are the perfect way to show them off! Do it. (If you are a skirt/dress wearer, flip this and wear a great fitting jean that shows off your shape!)

ADD SOME SPARKLE– This part might sound like an oxymoron just a bit. I know they say less is more when It comes to jewelry on dates, I agree. BUT, I also think if you have one piece of major jewelry and go light on everything else, it can make all the difference. I remember the first time I wore like a major statement necklace on a date, C made a comment how he noticed I usually wear a lot of arm jewelry (bracelets in guy language) and now I have cool neck jewelry ha. And I love little stuff like that. So I say go for it. If you have that great necklace OR-stressing the or- new statement earrings wear em! Not to mention new statement jewelry can be an inexpensive way to spice up an outfit he’s seen before! I’m obsessed with this Kate Spade statement necklace.

Bonus– I love a shirt with a deep V in the back for dates- It’s like unexpected sexy! I have a few that I’ve gotten from American Apparel and H&M that always go over well. Kinda like this one
Always be confident and comfortable in your choice! If you’re gonna be fidgeting in something or pulling at it don’t wear it, he’ll notice. I promise. Ha. This weekend C and I are going to Motor City Brewing Works and meeting with a few friends for drinks- I’ll definitely be tweeting pics so follow me @ChicAndDefined. Let me know and date night style tips you guys have in the comments below! I’d love to add them to the list. I’m thinking of doing a first date style post soon, because that’s totally different- what do you think? Have a great weekend guys!

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