The weekend is coming to an end so I hope you guys had a good one! I had the most amazing pizza at Motor City Brewing Company and got drinks with some friends who came up from Chicago! I wanted to start this series of posts, which I’ll probably do every other Sunday just to give you guys a bit of a glimpse into what I’m thinking and my life on a non-fashion level. I got an email from one of my readers asking about my job, how I balance blogging and stuff and why I don’t put it on my blog.(I love getting emails from you guys by the way so send ’em my way at!) It made me think about how I usually don’t put outside life and personal stuff here on the blog and really don’t have a reason why. I think it’s important for me to intro that stuff slowly and I just never took a first step, so here it is#NotesOnASunday! I thought this was an easy way to take a quote or phrase that would let you guys in my life a bit right now and explain why!

A lot of times, especially right after college, it’s easy to fall into the cycle of comparing yourself to others. Who’s doing what? Who has the best job? Who’s at the best grad school? Who’s getting married? (so not interested in that last one ha!) It can literally go on and on. I sometimes find myself falling into that cycle as I’m scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed and seeing people doing stuff, or not doing stuff- we all know a few, and kind of getting envious of some of the things people are doing. Don’t get me wrong- I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and am on a great path, but seeing other people’s experiences sometimes effects me ya know?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I graduated in May 2014 and began working for a big marketing firm in the social media marketing dept. right after. This was a big choice for me as I unlike a lot other people, decided not to go to grad school. I just thought it wasn’t for me, and wanted to start my working career in marketing or PR. Even still I found myself second guessing, when people would ask where I’d applied, and told me about their plans for after graduation. I know I should be really happy that I have a great job, that I love and am doing something related to my ideal career, because I also have those friends who, for lack of better term, settled and are doing something totally unrelated, but in scrolling through my Facebook I get those same feelings. Seeing people who have moved to different parts of the country, who are traveling or in great grad-school programs always makes me second guess.

When that happens I immediately log off, because by then I’m totally over it, and refer to the quote above. Knowing that I’m where I need to be, that I’m on my own path and making things happen the way I want them to, not in comparison to someone else’s life, definitely gets me back on track and into a much better mood! It’s good to see what others are doing every now and then to keep fueling my drive, but not as a benchmark for where I should be. Ever. Do you guys ever fall into that cycle of comparison? Let me know in the comments below! And if you like this type of post hit the like button so I can decided whether or not to keep doing them!


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5 thoughts on “NOTES ON A SUNDAY

  1. I think that a lot of people second-guess their choices. I went to Grad School, but I still haven’t found a job; and now I’m contemplating in going further with my education. The world is too unpredictable to feel as if you have ever made the right choice. :/



  2. I’m the worst at comparing myself to other people, but I found this quote on Pinterest that has helped me so much… “Comparison is the thief of joy.” and it’s so true! I like the mentality, you are where you need to be. I often feel like I should be better (which is arbitrary and I can’t even define what I mean by it) and it’s so disheartening.

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe


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