As someone who just joined team iPhone in July I didn’t understand the big deal about cases. I knew that I would never have one of those huge boxy ones, but as long as it covered the phone-since I’m notorious for dropping phones- it was fine. And since I’m all about black on black, that was usually my default case! Looking back and being someone that is so into fashion, I have no idea what I was doing with those boring cases! I totally get the hype of having an amazing case and letting it be an extension of myself and my style. I’ve had three since the end of July when I got my phone- that’s normal right?

At this point, I love using my phone case as another built in accessory that can express my style without me having to say much. It’s an easy way to add some chic into your everyday style and I’m finding it to be  big conversation piece. Right now since I’m feeling more of an edgy/sleek vibe for fall, I have a textured kind of black/gray snake skin case with like a chrome frame and everyone always asks to touch it. (Not sure if I like the touching part, but who doesn’t love compliments?) Anyway I wanted to give you guys, my top three types, stressing types, of cases that every chic woman should own.  Since I’m team iPhone and a lot of my readers are too, I chose those kind of cases- Sorry Android users, maybe a follow up post? Comment for  that below!

Like I said, I have an amazing snake skin phone case like this, but there are so many different textured ones that are fab! They make prints interesting and give your phone case a whole different feel. I love the Michael Kors studded leather ones and the the gold one (even though I’m a silver lover) just says fab to me. These can be a tad pricey but so worth it!

I love saying cases for when I’m feeling more sassy or inspired (great combo ha.) and want something to express that! Especially when I find a saying that I love- like “Keep Calm and Beyonce” or “She said she could so she did” I want to get them on everything. Of course I’m a big fan of the fashion sayings like “I don’t do fashion I am fashion” too! I’m finding Etsy is the best place for the trendier current sayings!

I know we’ve all seen the cases that look just like a camera or a tape or other things. I love the fashion inspired versions of these so much! I have yet to try one of these but I think they’re so chic and clever! One of my friends has the polish one and every time we go out she gets stopped so many times with people saying they like the case or asking where she got it! The vintagey ones are cool too!


Which type is your favorite? I couldn’t fit it in and I’m sure you guys know this, but I think every girl should carry an leopard iphone case at some point! Like this one here! Leave comment below as I’m sure there are some fab options (not the bunny ears cases. Read this great post about why)  I’ve left out! And if you’re not already, follow me on Twitter @ChicandDefined.


Feature image via here all phone links in captions


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