1Hey guys! It’s Friday eve and I’m so excited about it. Long week to say the least. But with all the states experiencing tons of snow, I was inspired to write about cozy winter accessories that don’t make you look like an astronaut or a third-grader. Am I the only one who thinks winter stuff can be warm/practical and fashionable? We shouldn’t have to choose! I looked through the internet- yep, the whole thing- and found some of my favorite accessories that are both chic and cozy! Of course, there’s faux fur and leather which I’m sure you guys know are some of my obsessions right now. Check out what I chose:


Faux Fur Stole- I am in love with the idea of elevating simple pieces and making stuff you already have more chic! A fur stole does just that to any regular coat you have, without having to dish out the money for a whole new one. I’ve seen these worn alone, which can be tricky to style, and with all types of coats, though it’s tough if your coat has a big hood or a really high collar.
Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Okay, let’s just get all the fur in now. Ha! I love this sort of upgrade on an infinity scarf to add a bit of chic and a lot of warmth. Not to mention the color- it can can go with so many coats, so you’ll get a lot  of wear out of it. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ll  put my face in my scarf when it’s super windy or snowing and this is great for that.
Leather Gloves- Touching a freezing steering wheel is literally the worst, so when it’s gets super freezing I always have gloves in my bag. You can’t go wrong choosing leather and leopard for anything in my opinion and having warm hands is a major plus! I know some people are into mittens, and I think they’re cute but I hate having to take them off to do literally anything, so I’ll stick with the gloves. (They also make leopard texting gloves like these.)
Knit Hat- Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a hat person at all. I’d rather a hood any day, but when I do wear hats I love knit ones that don’t like trap the heat and sweat by your head. Adding a little pom-pom on top is super fun and in that color can lighten up a winter ensemble. (Unless your like me and tend to get makeup on everything ha!)
Headband (Earmuff Alternative) On that same token, I haven’t worn earmuffs since I was a kid. I always have trouble getting them on, messing up my hair, them coming off at inopportune time etc. Because of that I’ve worn these since college- they’re much easier to get on and off and when it’s not cold enough for earmuffs or a hat yet, the knit, or sometimes fleece or faux fur headband works great!
Over the Knee BootsI threw in an OTK boot because why not? I used to think they were a bit much but as I’ve gotten older I love them! They can add a bit of refinement and a sleek vibe to any outfit.

I wanna to remind you guys to join me for #SHOECHAT this afternoon 3-4pm on Twitter! Follow me before the chat to make sure you see the questions!!




  1. I can never find hats that I really like, but I attribute this to my odd shaped head and my thick hair. I do, however, love a faux fur stole. I bought one at H&M about 2-3 years ago and it’s become a winter staple for me.

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