Nice to meet you! I’m Kyle, a recent grad of  the University of Michigan who’s obsessed with all things fashion and media. Having lived in the Midwest all my life, moving to an even bigger city has always been in that infamous five year plan of mine- because well what better place for fashion and media than NYC? Since my sophomore year I’ve wanted to work in Fashion or Lifestyle PR and have tried to continuously do the next right thing to place myself on that path! I worked in NYC for 3 1/2 months last summer and had the best time of my life. Taking things in stride, planning, while still trying to live in the moment is a huge task so hopefully this blog helps me with that.My last year of undergrad has come with a lot of decision making and inevitable deadlines that I’m not sure if I’m ready for yet! 

This is a fashion and career blog, that’s also here to document my steps, and missteps, as I graduate, begin navigating through the world of PR, job hunt and just try to be a 20 year old! It won’t just be about fashion or just about PR and Lifestyle stuff; it’ll be a mix of both and how they fit in with my at times crazy life. Sometimes a quote is all that’s needed other times a whole page.

And I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I didn’t do some sort of list- so here’s 15 quick things about me:

1. I never leave home without my To Do List Book and my favorite pen- if I do, I go back!

2. I’m a reality TV show junkie and am not afraid to admit it! I watch some series too ( I LOVE Girls, Walking Dead, and Scandal) but my first love is reality TV.

3. On the subject of tv I’m a big news buff too! I have to balance the nonsense on reality tv out with something- I’m obsessed. I watch GMA and Live with Michael and Kelly every morning , ABC News at night and check CNN at least 3x a day.

4. I tend to wear excessive amounts of silver jewelry- my everyday jewelry consist of bracelets, two rings, earrings and my watch.

5. I’m a dog person, cats and I don’t get along.

6. Although I love social media all together, Twitter is by far my favorite platform! Follow me @ItsReallyKc

7. Black is everything. Simple, chic, amazing, casual or dressy. How does the quote go? “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color!”

8. I’m a fashion magazine junkie I buy at least 4 a month. Elle & InStyle are two of my favorites.

9. I could spend hours maybe days in Sephora. Makeup is like a hobby to me I love checking out and trying new products from different brands. My favorites are MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit, and NARS.

10. Contrary to popular belief- I am a HUGE NFL Football fan! I love the Patriots, the Lions and was once a big Colts fan.

11. Love the two sayings “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” and “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything!” I take my eyebrows more seriously than most, I’m sure.

12. I am from Michigan, but my family is Trinidadian (From Trinidad & Tobago for those who are unfamiliar) so Caribbean culture is close to my heart!

13.Coffee is a daily must have. Starbucks is a frequent stop of mine (Cinnamon Dolce Lattes are where it’s at in the winter!)

14. I’m self confident and can be quite outspoken, but not overtly friendly, if that makes sense! When going into PR this can be an asset… Sometimes.

15. I’m a big foodie. I’m a firm believer that your food life doesn’t have to be boring. Ever. Eat what you want, whatever tastes good, that can be a salad one day and a burger the next.

This blog is to help me find the calm in the chaos. Find it with me.


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