As I’ve been interviewing literally two or three times a month for the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that there are a few go to pieces that I not only feel confident in, but that come across both stylish and professional! Because interviewing is stressful and making a good first impression can be a big deciding factor, interview style can be really important. I wanted this DEFINED piece to highlight a few of my staple interview pieces and explain how I wear them!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.01.43 PMA great structured bag is a great addition to any professionally stylish outfit! I always opt for black because… why not? I also make sure my bag is big enough to fit my portfolio that I carry my resumes in

A gray trouser can lighten the outfit just a tad. I love a straight leg with a tad bit of flare at the end because it makes for a great line and lengthens the leg, especially with heels! (I’m only 5’3)

Obvi I’m obsessed with blazers (see my last DEFINED post) and it’s very rare I go into an interview without one! It makes you look put together and chic without trying too hard

When I want to go a little bit out of the box and or go for that wow moment a printed blazer- with all black everything else- is always my go to. It can brighten up any outfit especially in spring/summer! Be careful with this though, I only wear these if the place I’m interviewing is quite open or creative based- if you’re interviewing for like an investment banking place this is not the most appropriate choice!

If you want step a little less out of the box but still show some personal style a nice printed blouse can still do the trick. Under a blazer, with a trouser like the ones mentioned above or tucked in with a pencil skirt can be a cool but current interview  look!

The piece I reach most for, that goes amazing with any blazer or sweater, is a black shift dress! This is a no brainer in my book and if I’m struggling with what to wear it always comes through. It’s professional while sleek and is a great piece to build an outfit around.

Lastly, accessories! These can make or break an outfit. With an understated, all black outfit statement necklaces like these can be the star of your outfit! Don’t be too flashy though, it’s an interview not a date!

I just started a Pinterest board with some Work/Interview Outfits! Check it out here.

Wear some of these pieces in your next interview, and let your confidence & style help you make a great first impression!






Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 3.13.06 PMIf you’re unfamiliar the language of fashion designers can look like some sort of secret code! But thanks to this new app SPEAK CHIC you won’t ever have to experience that embarassing moment of pronouncing a designers name wrong again! This app can be a savior to PR girls- as if we’re unaware of how to pronounce a clients name- when coming across a brand new client or new international designer.

The app uses a dictionary type format and you can search through hundreds of names of menswear, womenswear and accessories designers! Once you find the designer you’re looking for an audio clip will say the name to you correctly and voila. If you want more of a crash course (just to reassure you’re saying it right) there’s an Essential Fashion List with the most popular designers.

This is great for practically anyone working in fashion, whether it’s the business side or the creative side! When I interned at a PR Agency the other interns and I would laugh as we looked at some names with absolutely no idea how to say them and would avoid saying them at all costs. It’s sorta like when you come across someone and you don’t know their name, you prompt them to say it first- We’ve all been there. Now Speak Chic is here to help us speak the language of fashion!

1.99 at the iTunes Store





Being proactive can be super difficult at times when it seems like I have a thousand and one things to do. Trying to get a jump on things when feeling overwhelmed is a big undertaking and sometimes I’d rather just go to Starbucks, read an issue of InStyle and call it a day. But then absolutely nothing would ever get done. The standard definition of proactive that everyone knows is getting something done before it’s necessary and career-wise taking the initiative do get things finished without being asked.

I think though, being proactive can show up differently in different people. I know I have a habit of just waiting- if I know I have one big pending thing to do I’ll wait. Wait for what? You tell me. Just the anxiety of this looming assignment makes me nervous and instead of springing into action sometimes I’ll finish other small tasks I have or wait. Yeah, I know. So for me, being proactive means making a list of all the things I have to do and instead of procrastinating- which is an ever present force in my life- getting a jump on things when I have free time. Not necessarily finishing the whole task beforehand, but getting a head start because I know it’ll help later down the road.

This is coming into play for me right now almost daily. When I’m literally just trying to take it day-by-day and keep my head above water going above the call of duty and starting things that are due 2 weeks from now is just a faint signal on my radar. This is where preparation is necessary! I’ve found that sometimes being proactive can come in the form of just simply being prepared. Making sure I have all the dates of when things are due, have outlined what I need to do and made an effort to conceptually begin thinking about it can be enough sometimes. Even further, like with this blog, when I get a thought about either one of my papers or am inspired for my next blog post I take the time to right it down. This makes tasks so much enjoyable for me! Doing them in steps and having time away from the material to think and revise is so much more relaxed.

Lastly, one of the most important things I’ve been working on is if the task takes less than ten minutes I need to do it right then! Why put off something until later, when I could literally finish it right now and feel the satisfaction of checking it off my to-do list? I’m learning that as daunting as it can be sometimes to take the extra time to overprepare and be proactive, it can be so beneficial and save me a headache in the future!




Mondays are always tough. It’s like an unspoken thing both in college and in the workplace that you need a minute to get yourself together after the weekend, so Mondays can kinda get sacrificed. Sometimes though I know I personally can’t afford to not be on my A-game on Monday! I know if I start my week off on the wrong foot it’ll be tough to get back on track. I’ve been really working on going to all my classes and finishing every item on my to-do list on those post-weekend days regardless of how over it I feel.

The first thing that helps me is waking up on time! Being rested and up on time starts the day off for me nicely. I have time to make coffee, watch the news, take my time on my makeup/outfit and make sure I don’t forget anything. Doing this also helps make sure I have enough time to eat breakfast and have enough time to get everything done. No “there’s not enough hours in the day” excuses!

Before Monday though, I try to do some of my work for Monday on Saturday during the day. Sunday is a relax/football day for me, so getting some stuff done on Saturday so I’m not scrambling Monday morning really helps.  Starting off the week playing catch-up is never fun

Having a positive attitude and staying away from a case of “The Mondays” is super important for me too! It’s something I’m working on, but once my attitude is on it’s way down the hill it’s tough to stop it and usually results in me wanting to take a nap or me getting absolutely nothing done. So staying positive and busy throughout the day is super important.

The last thing I try to do (keyword try- I do it about 80% of the time because let’s be honest it takes some work to get the hang of Mondays) is have a great outfit. Most of my outfits are chic, but having that extra touch that takes it there makes all the difference. Starting the week off on a fashion high sets the tone for the rest of my week!

Any tips you have for making the most of Mondays?


FAB or FAIL? KimYe Covers VOGUE



So anyone who knows anything remotely about fashion or magazines knows that snagging the cover of the proclaimed fashion bible- VOGUE. It’s no small task and is usually reserved for the ‘fashion elite’, stylistically gifted, amazing models, talented singers/actresses, or occasionally socially important people like the First Lady of the US. Who Anna Wintour, an amazing fashion icon and EIC of VOGUE, allows on the cover has always been portrayed as highly selective, super high fashion, and basically a huge deal. Until now.  As I’m sure you’ve heard the next issue of VOGUE is covered by none other than Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter North.

Social media basically lost it when the news of Kim getting the cover and the pictures came out. Most people were on one of two sides- they were either a part of the Kardashian fans who were dying for it since it’s been a long running discussion, mostly fueled by Ye, that Kim deserves the cover of VOGUE. The other majority of people- to be frank- hated it/thought it was ridiculous. But even those who hated it, had to admit that the pictures looked amazing. I am one of those.

Though they looked great, the lighting was amazing, the dress was to die for and North was beyond I just don’t think they are VOGUE appropriate. It’s kind of snobbish to say but the cover of VOGUE has to be earned! When models like Naomi Campbell (who btw had a fabulous reaction when asked about the cover) Kate Upton, Michelle Obama, and award winning actresses have graced the cover, I just don’t think Kim fits the bill.

Thinking about the PR aspect of this though, this is obviously super successful! The cover has been talked about everywhere and the buzz surrounding it is unmatched by any other recent VOGUE cover. There is also a predicted boost in sales for this issue since there are millions of Kardashian stans and fans. It’s also obviously great for Kim and Kanye not only does it make them even more talked about, it generates buzz for their impending wedding which I’m sure E! has their hands on and will be amazing. What more in the context of PR could you ask for!?

But there is a tad bit of a downside. There are some people on social media were  even threatening to cancel their subscriptions, so maybe in the long run it’s not such a smart move! What’s going on in Anna Wintour’s head is my question?