Happy Sunday guys! If you follow me on Twitter you know that I just started watching House of Cards, I know I’m late, and I am literally obsessed! This show is amazing- I graduated with a political science major so I’ve been a lover of politics and news media for a while. Frank and Claire are amazingly ruthless and this demonstrates all the stuff and schemes that go on behind the curtain. If you are familiar with the show, you know the main character Francis Underwood is full of interesting quotes that leave you thinking even after the show is done. This week one of his quotes inspired my post.

Not settling for mediocre or situations that don’t reach specific goals has been something that’s important to me for a long time. From applying to colleges, taking internships/jobs during college and even in my current job. I always feel that there’s this proverbial table, like the quotes says, and that in switching things around slowly, removing some things replacing them with others we can either worsen or better or situation. This is something I was taught at a really young age, so I was so surprised to hear the metaphor in the show!

I took this quote in two ways, the first: having the ability and drive to work to change your circumstances can be something that is so beneficial when planning the steps from the point A to point B that everyone talks about. Realizing that you aren’t necessarily stuck or stagnant in a situation and that you can change things, can offer a great new perspective when you think you’re out of ideas and options! Two as I mentioned before not settling and never sitting by watching something happen that you aren’t comfortable or happy with go on, can be great in any situation. Career, friendships, relationships, fitness/health etc. If you don’t like something, figure out your options, work hard, and make the necessary changes, flip the table over.





I’ve been trying to live by this in both my work life and home life! I think it’s so important to not sell your self short by doing things small, ya know? Being more open and friendly, speaking up at work, enjoying being present in the moment, going against my routines (sometimes lol) to try new things and making sure that if I want to do something that I’m kinda nervous about, I do it! This comes in handy for fashion too. In the words of my fave Aliza Licht, “Always dress as if something amazing is about to happen!” Live in All Caps- because why not?

I have more sayings like this on my Pinterest, check it out!




As my life seems like a whirlwind right now, projecting what I have to by next week or even two days from now can bring this intense overwhelming feeling. Whenever I get in a little bit over my head, I call the one person who can calm me down in about two sentences- my mother. Because I’m not 21 or anything. I call her and even though I know what she’s gonna say, it still makes me feel better. She says “Just stay in today, and don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on doing the next right thing.”

Doing the next right thing is something she’s said to me for years starting in high school and it was one of those things where you don’t really fully understand until you’re older. And in college, I think maybe my first or second semester, I had that duh light bulb moment like this is what she’s meant all this time. Taking your day in a series of steps, one at a time and just trying to figure what the next right thing to do to position yourself to reach that daily goal is the way not be overwhelmed. And as I’ve said in earlier posts since I have a to-do list book, it seems to work really well for me.

In the long term though, I tend to think like this- “Next Tuesday I have an interview, what am I going to wear how am I gonna get there, what time do I need to leave? Then Wednesday I have a paper due how will I find time to do it? What am I gonna write about? Oh man, next Thursday I have my final project due ugh I hate this class. I hope that ridiculous professor gives me a good grade!” And in doing so I pile all the things I have to do in my brain.. (My thoughts are also similar to this sometimes!) Cue the overwhelmed feeling. Staying in today, means doing what I have to do today and trying to successfully position myself for tomorrow. And that’s it.

Doing this not only helps me stay calm, but also helps me 65a9e7921daeff62312bb69efe38c3f6stay present. In my last couple weeks in college staying present is important because some of these experiences I won’t get a chance to have again. And in my relationships and friendships too! This blog, like my tagline says is helping stay present, while finding the calm in the chaos.